If anyone reading this page has been through a similar experience then I hope I can help by letting you know you’re not alone in the world, there are always people who can help you through.

An innocent child does not deserve to be put through unthinkable torture, no person deserves to live with the torture endured.

When the man you are meant to look up to from a child doesn’t protect you and instead abuses you how are you meant to carry on and ever trust a man again?

This is what I thought but after hitting rock bottom, you have to make a choice, will what happened to me make me or break me? I chose to let it make me.

Although life can still have its struggles I keep thinking of every small cloud, every positive if only small out of every bad situation and somehow it gets me through life and has helped me become who I am. I could have quite easily turned my back and continued down the dark and slippery route that I was headed and knowing what I do now I am happy I didn’t. I now have a happy life, a loving and caring relationship, my own house, a career and a family of sorts, of my own. I have no children but for now my dog and cat give me plenty to run around after!

I have good days and bad, there are more good than bad now and when I have a bad day I take a minute to step back and think of everything I am grateful for and all that I have where many do not.

So please read my blog, take what you can, let me know if you need help or if there is any advice you can give me. I hope everyone who has suffered somehow can get peace and my hopes are that all of us can stand out and let those who have failed us know…they didn’t beat us, they lost, not us.

You are all survivors, even if you don’t realise it yet.

All my love

Don’t pass judgement on those you do not know, you have no idea of that person’s true potential and do not know the life that they have had.

Be stong, live life, don’t let the past be your future.

Feel free to follow contact me via my Google+ profile: bestronginside@gmail.com


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